The new issue of the Atlas continues the long-term series of data on bio-optical characteristics of the seas, surrounding Russia, derived from satellite ocean color data. In comparison with the previous issue of 2011, the data of 2011-2012 are included.

This represents a significant improvement, in comparison with the previous issues, both with respect to its content and the form of presentation of the data and results.

As before, the new issue includes color maps with the mean monthly distributions of the bio-optical characteristics in the Barents, White, Black, and Caspian seas since 1998; diagrams demonstrating variability of the monthly means in different sub-regions and in the whole basins; tables with parameters of the inter-annual changeability of different characteristics.

New results have been obtained; they concern, in particular, the variability of the bio-optical characteristics of the White Sea in 1998-2002 and the characteristics of coccolithophore blooms in the Barents and the Black Sea, derived with new algorithms.

The presented results demonstrate once again the opportunities of using satellite ocean color data for long-term monitoring of marine environment. More detailed information is available in the publications (Burenkov et al., 2011a,b; Kopelevich et al., 2012; 2013a,b; Kravchishina et al., 2013).